Kegerator Savings!

Kegerators save you heaps of cash every year by supplying you with fresh beer in a large quantity. How much do they save, you ask? Let me break it down for you. 

I'm going to use my family as the example. My friends, mother, and I all drink the same beer. We love west coast IPA's! We drink about 24 kegs per year at a rate of 2 kegs per month. The following info breaks down the cost of kegs and how much they save us compared to buying the same beer in cans! Don't even get me started on price difference of a pint at a bar, versus a pint out of your kegerator!


Cost of a keg = $100.

There are 42 Pints in a keg.

42 Pints x 24 kegs is 1,008 beers / year (seems like a lot I know :D )

We spend $2,400 / year on beer!


IF drinking the same amount but in CANS,

Cost of 4 Pack (4 Pints) = $20

1,008 beers / 4 = 252 (4 Packs)

252 (4 Packs) x $20 = $5,040 / year

We would spend $5,040/ year on beer!


Keg = $2,400 / year

Cans = $5,040 / year

$5,040 - $2,400 = $2,640

Thus kegerators SAVE us and potentially you $2,640 / year!!

Not only would you SAVE a whopping $2,640 / year but you would also produce much less waste caused by the canning industry. Literally a win win here folks!

Save save save money and the environment by buying a kegerator from Waldear Kegerators! Even Bernie is feeling our kegerators :)