Kegerator Savings!

Kegerators save you heaps of cash every year by supplying you with fresh beer in a large quantity. How much do they save, you ask? Let me break it down for you. 

I'm going to use my family as the example. My mom, girlfriend, friends and I all drink the same beer. We go through about 24 kegs per year at a rate of 2 kegs per month. The following info breaks down the cost of kegs and how much they save us compared to buying the same beer in cans!

Cost of a keg = $100.

There are 42 Pints in a keg.

42 Pints x 24 kegs is 1,008 beers / year (seems like a lot I know :D )

We spend $2,400 / year on beer!


IF drinking the same amount but in CANS,

Cost of 4 Pack (4 Pints) = $20

1,008 beers / 4 = 252 (4 Packs)

252 (4 Packs) x $20 = $5,040 / year

We would spend $5,040/ year on beer!


Keg = $2,400 / year

Cans = $5,040 / year

$5,040 - $2,400 = $2,640

Thus kegerators SAVE us and potentially you $2,640 / year!!

Not only would you SAVE a whopping $2,640 / year but you would also produce much less waste caused by the canning industry. Literally a win win here folks!

Save save save money and the environment by buying a kegerator from Waldear Kegerators! Even Bernie is feeling our kegerators :)