Kegs and Delivery Options

So, you've got yourself a custom made Waldear Kegerator and now you need to fill it with some fresh craft beer. No problem! Follow the easy steps below.

If you would like to use our delivery option, email or call Jamie and he'll set you up and then follow the directions below.

If you're looking to pick up your own kegs and clean your lines then just call the brewery you're looking to snag a keg from and they will take it from there.


Waldear Kegerators Keg Purchasing Process

1. Go to our Brewery page and call the brewery that you would like beer from. Let the brewery know that Waldear Kegerators will be picking up your keg :)

2. After you've set up communication with that brewery, await the response and take care of payment with that brewery.

3. Forward the receipt of purchase to 

4. Arrange a time that Waldear Kegerators can swing by, clean your lines, and install your new keg.

5. Enjoy your fresh beer! Cheers :)