Our Story

Elevate your evenings and bring family and friends together over fresh draft beer at your own home. Jamie Waldear gives life to his love of craft beer and his father’s high-end craft cabinetry. Waldear Kegerators – Hand crafted kegerators. Craft beers delivered. 

  Mickey Waldear and son Jamie Waldear

It started with the closing of breweries and bars when Covid-19 hit. One day, we were kicking back and thought that, although we were only two weeks into the S.I.P., we were fed up with purchasing meager supplies of craft beer and producing so much waste. We then built a custom made kegerator and now have the brewery vibe in our backyard with liters of fresh draft beer. Perfect for entertaining friends and family and custom made to fit your outdoor space or indoor room. Text Jamie at (510)- 529- 1133 for more info or a private viewing!