Ordering a Keg and Installation

Ordering a Keg and Installation

How to Order a Keg:

  1. Call a brewery in your area and ask if they have sixtels (⅙ barrels) in stock. This equates to 42 pints. Your kegerator will NOT hold a ½ barrel keg. 
  2. Ask when the kegs were filled to determine how fresh they are. Generally speaking, within a month is considered fresh. Kegs stay fresh for around 3 months on C02. Most styles (other than IPA’s or hop-forward beers) will stay fresh for longer.
  3. Pick up your keg and bring that baby home for installation!

How to install a Keg

  1. Turn off your C02 by adjusting the small lever on the regulator to a horizontal position. 
  2. Pull out and then up on the black lever on your coupler (device that’s on top of your keg). This will shut off the flow of beer. 
  3. Turn the coupler a ¼ turn counter-clockwise to release it from the keg.
  4. Clean your beer line!! Click on this link to learn how to properly clean your line. 
  5. Place the coupler into your new keg, turning it clockwise a ¼ turn, and then pull the black lever out, down and then in to open the flow of beer. 
  6. Turn the C02 on by switching that small lever on the regulator to a vertical position. 
  7. Make sure the psi is around 10. You can adjust this with the red turn knob.
  8. Pour yourself a fresh pint, you’ve earned it! Cheers!

Click on this link to watch a video of how to install a keg into your kegerator.