C02 Exchange and Installation

C02 Exchange and Installation

C02 Installation

It’s time to get to work. To disconnect the empty C02 tank, follow the steps below.

  1. First you must turn off the gas and turn the small lever to a horizontal position.
  2. Next use a 1 inch adjustable or combination wrench to unfasten the nut connecting the regulator to the C02 tank. 
  3. After you’ve done that, connect the full C02 tank to the regulator. 
  4. Flip the small lever to a vertical position and turn on the gas making sure to adjust the psi to 10-12 for most beers.
  5. Pour yourself a beer, you’ve earned it!
Video: Here's a video on how to install a C02 tank.

C02 Exchange

Out of gas? Not a problem. The easiest way to exchange an empty 5 lb. C02 tank for a full tank is to visit a homebrew store in your area. Call ahead of time to make sure they have full tanks in stock. If there aren’t any homebrew stores in your area, then a gas supply store will do.