Do you deliver your kegerators? Is there a delivery charge?

  • Yes we deliver and all kegerator deliveries are free!


How long does it usually take to have a kegerator delivered?

  • Takes about one week for us to a paint and assemble a non-custom color and about two weeks for a custom color.


I would like a custom color that is not offered, where can I find colors?

  • Check out https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us for custom colors. Tell us which color you have selected and we'll get that paint made for you.


Can I put other drinks on tap other than beer?

  • Yes, yes you can! Many local companies offer kegs of kombucha, wine, cold brew coffee, and even sparkling water on tap!


I'm a home brewer, can I put my beer on tap?

  • Heck yeah you can! You will need to buy a special keg (ball lock) and appropriate parts. Call MoreBeer! & MoreWine for all of your home-brew needs. 


How many kegs does my 5 lb C02 last for?

  • Around 20 kegs! A refill typically costs around $25.


How do I know when I'm low on C02?

  • Your regulator gauge (left one) will show that you are in the red zone).


How many beers are in a 1/6 barrel keg?

  • There are 56 12 oz pours, or 42 pints (16 oz) pours in a 1/6 barrel keg.


How long does a keg stay fresh for?

  • Usually around 2 months. Honestly, that never really happens ;)