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Here's the thing. People generally don't want to allocate their time towards sourcing and acquiring kegs of beer. The whole process of picking up a keg, cleaning a kegerator, then installing the new keg can be quite exhausting. That's why Waldear KegWorks makes this a seamless process where the customer does not need to lift a finger. We will source the beer, deliver it, clean the kegerator system, and install the new beer. All YOU have to do, is pull the tap and let the beer flow freely!

This is a one time payment that allows us to deliver one keg to you per visit. We will also pick up and return all of your keg shells. 

Step 1: Order a keg from a brewery on our list and tell them that Waldear Kegerators will be picking up their beer

Step 2: Sit back and relax while we take care of everything else.

Step 3: Waldear Kegerators has arrived with your cold beer.

Step 4: Waldear Kegerators will clean your beer line and check CO2 levels.

Step 5: Waldear Kegerators will then install your new keg.

Step 6: Pull your tap and let the beer flow freely!

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